Graphic "Get Equiped With Seanapps App"

How it works:

To enjoy the SEANAPPS experience with your phone, the SEANAPPS box should be installed on your boat first.

Then you need to download the SEANAPPS application on your phone and register your boat.

In the mobile app, you will be invited to activate your SEANAPPS box in order to monitore your boat data remotely.

That’s it ! Now you can experience SEANAPPS : remote monitoring of your boat, safety alerts, maintenance recommendations, latest news and exclusive offers…

How to get SEANAPPS:

Why not chosing a new boat?

The greatest brands already trust SEANAPPS! Beneteau, Jeanneau, Prestige Yachts: a large part of their boat models integrated SEANAPPS in their standard setup.


Upgrade your existing boat:

Thank to the Retrofit Package, you can upgrade your current boat. The installation takes no more than one hour and it can be done on any type of boat, no matter her age!