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« Jeanneau Yachts 51 »

Jeanneau Yachts 51

The Jeanneau Yachts 51 sparkles with timeless style and an array of equipment renowned for performance

  • Comfort / Security: True harmony emanates from exterior living areas, inviting you to let go and experience moments of pure serenity.
  • Character / Light: The Jeanneau Yachts 51 plunges you into an unparalleled interior, bathed in light, where every detail has been carefully studied for your complete satisfaction.
  • Warmth / Style: Her interior aesthetic is worthy of large yachts, with spacious, refined cabins, silky cocoons of well-being.
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« Jeanneau Yachts 54 »

Jeanneau Yachts 54

Jeanneau Yachts 54 is designed for the way you live: an exclusive yacht for sharing unforgettable experiences…

  • Sharing / Well-Being: Living spaces are privileged, filled with voluptuous calm for exceptional getaways.
  • Ergonomic Design / Refinement: A contemporary and sophisticated interior design, with a customisable layout to bring your dream sailboat to life.
  • Welcoming / Sophisticated: With a sensation of tranquility, you feel transported from the moment you step aboard the Jeanneau Yachts 54. The generous interior opens onto infinite space, conducive to relaxation.
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« Jeanneau Yachts 60 »

Jeanneau Yachts 60

Wrapped in luxury, the new jeanneau Yachts 60 is truly a jewel to behold

  • Innovation / Passion: The Jeanneau Yachts 60 will surprise you. She offers a new look, an unmatched design for a pure, unique sensation of symbiosis with the sea. You will dazzled by her sleek silhouette and her elegant, sinuous lines, adapted to all sailing and cruising programmes.
  • Elegance / Convenience: With innovation, a sophisticated aesthetic and the beauty of sculped surfaces, the jeanneau yachts 60 enters a new era of design, offering a multitude of configurations to suit every desire.
  • Harmony / Ingenuity: Harmonious elements enhance her generous modular interior. The interior gleams with natural light. You will feel this perfect balance aboard your yacht.
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« Jeanneau Yachts 65 »

Jeanneau Yachts 65

Elegance and performance to realise your most beautiful cruising dreams

  • A yacht «à la carte»: The Jeanneau Yachts 65 is entirely adaptable to its owner. To achieve this, Jeanneau chooses careful, artisanal construction and direct contact direct with the owners, with numerous options.
  • Deck Plan: Omnipresent Attention to Detail: Ease of movement, access to equipment for ease of handling, storage, and comfort, whether at sea or at anchor, have been carefully considered down to the smallest details…
  • Interior Layouts: Life at Sea… in Gentle Harmony: Step aboard the Jeanneau Yachts 65, and you will enter spacious living areas, subtly combining well-being and security, refinement and relaxation, with an incomparable view of the sea.
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